For the sortiment of Lavici Borházak we selected species that can most enjoy the outstanding conditions of the Villány Wine Region’s Mediterranean climate. Grape is like man: where it is happy, it can create magic. We have nothing else to do but give this magic a coming-out. Our principal objective is to preserve the special features of the varieties, and carefully handle the grapes and wines. We limit the crop and and have moderate barrel use to creat easily understandable, yet elegant wines offering a pleasant experience for every Lavici wine consumers.

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Merlot 2013

Fruity, velvety, sophisticated – that is why we like it. To our great satisfaction Merlot feels good in Villány and every vintage proves it.


Rosé 2016

By Lavici’s concept Villány’s white wine is the rosé, which is extraordinarily popular. We believe in the coupage of Blue Frankish and Merlot to get high quality rosé wine.


Cabernet Franc 2013

This world-wide known species found a new home in Villány. The unique micro climate and the attentive care bring out the best of the Caberet Franc.


Blue Frankish 2013

Among the Hungarian species this is one of our favourites due to its versatility: it may give gentle, fruity wine as well as full bodied, masculine one.